We at Retro Channel are committed to incredible Guitar Tone.
We live it, we breathe it and we preach it.

We use our proprietary modeling technology to provide You the player with the best possible gear at the best possible price.

From our RR1 that will "wreck" you with tone, feel, and touch sensitivity (weighing in at 15 pounds and 100 watts) to our Fuzz and Boost pedals, we have given our all to give you the Guitar tones you seek.

The new Stereo Power amp is a must have for AxeFx, Avid 11 Rack, Line 6, Kemper,  and wet/dry rig users.  We have spent the past 2 years perfecting the technology to bring you an amp that responds and sounds like the old school big block tube power amps that broke some of your banks, (and your backs) in the 80's but have done it in  a 15 or so pound package.  The amp responds like a high-end, boutique tube amp, with 100 watts per channel of headroom and a feel and voice that is unmatched.

The Retro Channel Stereo Power Amp is not a mere PA amplifier.  This amp is a guitarists power amp, through and through.  Crank up your favorite model, turn up our master volume, and then tweak the input gain to taste and we guarantee you will be left with ringing ears and a satisfied grin.  From whisper volume through 1X12s to pushing four 4X12s per side at crushing volume levels, the RC amp does it all.

We are taking orders now for the new power amp.... See the orders page, or call for more info.  The latest video is here as well:  http://youtu.be/pcXvntO4Tg4